• A copy of the Purhcase Agreement will be sent to you after your order has been received, and will need to be returned to Circle Theatre 60 days prior to the performance. 
  • FAX: (616) 456 – 8540
  • MAIL: 1703 Robinson Rd. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
  • If you are ordering within 60 days of the production, please return the form immediately.
  • Seats are not guaranteed until the signed purchase agreement is received.


If you are not a Seat For Every Child school you will receive an invoice (via email) following the placement of your ticket reservation and prior to the performance. This will now apply to Home Schools/families as well as school groups. Please note that the invoice will be sent separately from your confirmation and will have instructions on home you can remit payment.

  • The invoice will reflect the amount of tickets you have on reserve and cannot be reduced by 20% or more or cancelled within 21 days of the performance.
  • Anyone attending the performance other then a Seat For Every Child participant (students, teachers, chaperones, etc.) must purchase a ticket.
  • If your group is unable to come and you do not cancel 21 days prior to the performance, you will be invoiced for the full amount.
  • You will have 30 days to pay your invoice upon receiving it.
  • Tickets can be added at any time subject to availability.
  • Tickets for non-Seat For Every Child schools or groups are $5.00 for non-members and $4.00 for members.
  • Please do not bring payment to the performance.


  • Performances will only be canceled and refunds issued if the artist is unable to reach the theater.
  • Schools will be notified by phone as soon as possible if a performance is cancelled.
  • If school is canceled in your district, we will make an effort to transfer your reservations to another grade-appropriate performance in the same school year, if space is available.
  • Please note that this might not be possible due to our performance schedule.
  • A refund may be granted for extenuating circumstances.


  • Have buses drop children off at the nearest auditorium entrance. 
  • Please inform your bus driver that it is against fire code for the buses to park in front of the building during the performance.


  • The doors to the auditorium will open approximately one half hour before the performance begins.
  • We suggest that you arrive no later than 15 minutes before the performance.
  • We may not be able to seat you if you arrive more than 10 minutes late.
  • Your group leader should check in with the CIRCLE PRESENTS! representative located in the lobby of the auditorium.


  • Arrangements can be made for wheelchair or other special needs seating at all auditoriums. Please mention this need when confirming your order.
  • All other seating is general admission (non-reserved) seating only.*
  • *If a performance is “SOLD OUT” the CIRCLE PRESENTS! staff reserves the right to assign seating to streamline the arrival process.  In this case, you will find a seating chart in your ticket pack approximately 14 days prior to the performance
  • Ushers will be available to help seat your group.
  • Groups will be seated as they arrive.
  • Because of the layout of some of the auditoriums, it is not always possible to seat very large groups together.  In these cases, the ushers will try to seat you in the same general location.


  • All CIRCLE PRESENTS! production are approximately 50 to 60 minutes in length.


  • No recording devises or flash photography will be allowed during the performance.
    CIRCLE PRESENTS! reserves the right to keep any cameras until after the production.
  • Turn off all electronic devices ad please, no texting during performances.