Our Commitment to Patrons

Health & Safety Protocols

We remain ever-vigilant of the health of our patrons, volunteers, performers, and staff and would like you to keep the following commitments and policies in mind prior to your arrival at our theater.

  • We are following the MDHHS and Aquinas College COVID-19 policies and we will make official changes to our guidelines if MDHHS or Aquinas College post new policies as they arise. 
  • To keep the air in our theatre continually clean and refreshed, our AC is on, and running continuously throughout the performance. We encourage you to dress for cooler indoor temperatures regardless of the heat outdoors.
  • If you are feeling ill, for any reason, please refrain from attending your scheduled event. The box office will be happy to exchange your tickets for a future date, free of charge.
  • In order to avoid possible crowding of lobby areas, patrons are asked to allow extra time when arriving and to utilize our outdoor veranda and lower lobby when available. 
  • Ancillary furniture in our public spaces have been removed or reduced to allow for the maximum amount of voluntary distancing during gatherings and intermissions.
  • Hand-to-hand contact has been reduced overall with the elimination of paper tickets, playbills, and other paper materials that may pass frequently from person to person.
  • Patrons may check-in with the name their tickets were purchased under or by scanning the ticket QR Code on a mobile device or printed ticket, and ushers will assist patrons to their seats inside the theatre.
  • Hand sanitizer stations have been added to our upper and lower lobbies.
  • All areas of the building are being professionally cleaned. Improved and regular sanitation to all areas of the theatre remain in place, indefinitely.
  • To keep the air in our theatre continually clean and refreshed, our AC is on, and running continuously throughout the performance. We encourage you to dress for cooler indoor temperatures regardless of the heat outdoors.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation with all necessary security measures at Circle Theatre. Large bags, luggage, or other bulky belongings are not allowed inside the theater. Management reserves the right to limit access to The Performing Arts Center for any reason.

If for any reason you ever feel unsafe, please inform a staff member immediately.

Circle Theatre and Aquinas College are Weapon-Free Zones. As private property, we reserve the right to remove anyone from the premises carrying a weapon, including those with Open-Carry permits.

From The Aquinas College Handbook:

P.49; Aquinas is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment that supports the academic mission of the College. Firearms and weapons are not allowed on campus without the prior written approval of the Aquinas College President and Director of Campus Safety. The written approval will specify the limitations for possessing a firearm or weapon on College property.

Please recognize that you assume any and all risks occurring before, during, and after an event at Circle Theatre, including injury or illness by any cause. By attending events, you release management, facility, league, participants, clubs, and their respective affiliates and representatives from any related claims.

Circle Theatre Policy Prohibiting Harassment 

It is a fundamental policy of Circle Theatre that all Circle Theatre employees, volunteers, and students are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and to respect the dignity of each person who is involved with Circle Theatre, whether in the capacity of an employee, volunteer, supplier, member, ticket holder, student, or member of the general public. Harassment of anyone  will not be tolerated. This includes sexual or racial harassment, harassment based on national origin or religion, sexual orientation, or any other grounds. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination or removal as a volunteer. Circle Theatre reserves the right to replace /remove any individuals deemed disrespectful, harmful or disruptive to others. 

If you believe you have been subjected to or witnessed harassment or discrimination, you should report it immediately to a member of the production leadership/supervisor (Ex. Stage Manager, Director, Music Director, Choreographer, etc.), a Circle Theatre staff member (Ex. Patron Services Manager, Technical Director, etc.), Circle Theatre  Executive/Artistic Director (Lynne Brown Tepper), Circle Theatre Board President or other Circle Theatre Board Member. 


Step 1: Individual submits complaint (either verbally or in writing) within (1) week of incident, if at all possible.

Step 2: Informal meeting with supervisor/staff member/board member to discuss complaint or formal complaint submitted in writing to supervisor/staff member/board member. 

Step 3: Evaluate the complaint and notify/discuss with the Executive Board Committee to determine next steps (determined by the severity of the complaint).

Step 4: Formal Investigation that may include one or more of the following: interview with individual expressing complaint, interview with any other individuals involved in the complaint/situation, determine if an outside investigator is needed and/or consult an attorney if necessary.

Step 5: Once a resolution is determined (based on the results of the investigation), it is shared with the individual expressing the complaint and any parties involved in disciplinary actions as a result of the complaint. Disciplinary actions are determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the severity of the investigation findings.


The chain of command/hierarchy for Circle Theatre is as follows:

  1. Circle Theatre Board of Directors
  2. Circle Theatre Executive Committee Members
  3. Executive Director
  4. Finance Director, Patron Services Manager, Technical Director, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator, Costume Shop Manager
  5. Production Leadership Members (Director, Music Director, Choreographer, Stage Manager)
  6. Production Designers/Technical Staff
  7. Musicians, Volunteers (performers, crew members, ushers, concessions workers)


Implementation of contract tracing; all patrons purchasing tickets are required to provide contact information going forward. All patrons are required to check-in before entering the building for an event, therefore, ensuring that an accurate record of attendance is maintained.


As a non-profit organization all ticket sales are considered donations. Refunds directly affect our ability to provide our services to the community, that is why we offer exchanges on tickets for future performances. After the date of your performance has passed, ticket exchanges are not guaranteed. Additionally, we do not guarantee exchanges if you miss or are late to a performance.

If a refund is required out of financial necessity, it must be requested BEFORE the performance date listed on your ticket(s), as we are unable to honor refunds after the original scheduled date. Please contact for more information.

  • Anyone who is feeling ill should stay at home.
  • Rehearsals may be virtual if needed.
  • Personnel are following State and National guidelines to reduce the spread of Covid and non-Covid illnesses, including requirements on when to stay home and/or when to return to work.

PHONE: 616-456-6656
BOX OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Friday, noon – 5:00pm

We encourage you to use our online ticketing system as it is open to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the comfort of your home.