Merry Christmas from Our Circle Family

Noddea Skidmore, Director of Creative and Audience Development:

Giving gifts to people I love. And cookies. And Christmas trees. And Hallmark ornaments. And holiday BREAK.

Nejla Mujanovic, (former) Audience Development Intern:

The atmosphere, the happy and busy spirit, and the whole experience leading up to Christmas.

Derek Call, President of the Board of Directors:

The music.

Christina Gonzalez, Box Office Staff:

Spending time with family and making Christmas-y food.

Bill Dunckel, Costume Shop Manager:

Christmas decorating (I have 4 trees!)

Lynne Brown Tepper, Executive and Artistic Director:

Quality family time.

Ashlee McGreevy, Marketing and Outreach Specialist:

Everybody slowing down and enjoying each other’s company.

Annie (2010)
Rent (2010)

Allison McGreevy, amazing Circle spouse:


Lisa Mathias, Financial Accounts Coordinator:

Spending time with family.

Don Wilson, Technical Director and Resident Scenic Designer:

Christmas shopping.

Jessica Trenshaw, Box Office Staff:


Emily Bolek, Box Office Staff:

Pumpkin pie! And IHOP after Black Friday.

John Vesbit, Experience Manager:

Snow and skiing.

Zach Avery, Box Office Staff:

Making cinnamon rolls.

On behalf of all of us at Circle, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We hope you have a safe and exciting season. Thanks for supporting us and being part of our Circle!